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Housing for All: What, Where & How

Virtual Conversation Friday October 6 on Zoom. RSVP now.

Will you miss it? Scroll down to see our discussion questions and add your thoughts in a comment below.

Vermont's housing crisis is everywhere, and it's impacting nearly everyone -- from those seeking housing to those funding housing, those owning, selling and renting housing to those without housing. Sometimes the problem seems so big, it feels impossible to know where to start or how to solve it.

The good news? Vermonters are working on solving it: town by town, unit by unit, group by group, idea by idea. We want to hear all about the promising ideas and good work you're seeing, as well as the big needs, barriers, and challenges on the ground. And we want to explore what it means for towns, villages, and neighborhoods, and what role designation programs should play.

Join the virtual conversation and share your experiences and ideas. Can't come? Share some thoughts in the comment section below.

  • What promising actions, models, strategies and ideas are creating housing growth or access in your community?

  • What types of housing are needed most? Where should they go?

  • What other factors should we be considering? (ownership access and equity, funding and sustainable development models, livability and supports for residents, supports for neighborhoods and communities, public spaces and gathering places, others?)

  • What projects or models have you seen in other places? Which ones make sense for designation programs to support?

  • What are the local barriers, and how might designation programs help?

Vermont's state downtown, village center, and other designation programs offer a variety of benefits now that could help, but what more could they offer to support housing growth, access, and equity? Help us imagine and redesign stronger programs for the future.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. What do you think? Add your thoughts in a comment below.

Round 1 Discussion: What does housing need & action look like in your area?
  • What are the top housing needs you see in your community, or from your perspective?

  • What promising solutions, ideas, models, or impacts are you seeing?

  • What are the biggest barriers to progress, or things that are helping to break through?

  • What do we need to change to support equitable access to housing? What's working?

  • If you know Vermont's designation programs, how are they supporting housing growth and access right now? Where are they falling short?

Round 2 Discussion: Looking ahead to the next 25 years, how might we reform or reimagine Vermont's designation programs to support housing for all?
  • What are the top priority projects, local actions or needs to support housing growth and equitable access?

  • What benefits, supports, incentives, regulatory changes, training, or assistance are needed to make that priority work happen?

  • How might we change the designation programs to make that happen? What should we not change?

  • What other conditions or supports are needed?


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