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Vermont Designation Programs Evaluation and Modernization 

Vermont’s State Designation Programs include more than 200 municipalities. Managed by the Department of Housing & Community Development, they provide benefits such as tax incentives, grant funding, technical assistance and regulatory relief.


The Vermont Legislature authorized an evaluation and reform project for 2023, to review how well the programs are working and develop recommendations for strengthening, streamlining, and modernizing the programs in the future.

We're working to:


The Evaluation and Reform Project officially launched in the Spring of 2023. It ends with a final report and recommendations to the Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) in December of 2023.

This study and report are just the beginning of the reform process. In 2024, the Vermont Legislature will review recommendations and move toward action. That process includes more opportunities for public input and discussion. Once approved by the Legislature, DHCD will implement changes.

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