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The Local Perspective: Got one to share?

Virtual Conversation Weds. September 6 on Zoom. RSVP now.

Will you miss it? Scroll down to see our discussion questions and add your thoughts in a comment below.

How are Vermont’s downtown, village center, and other designation programs working for local communities? What’s easy, what’s hard, what’s impactful, and what could be better?

From walkable streets to affordable housing, climate resilience to historic preservation, Vermont communities have big goals for local change. Our state downtown, village center, and other designation programs are designed to help, but how well are they working? We’ll explore the local perspective on how Vermont’s designation programs are working now, and what we imagine for the future.

Designation 2050 is teaming up with the Vermont Planners Association (VPA), and Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies (VAPDA) to dig into these questions and more in a Virtual Conversation.


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Add your thoughts in a comment.

Round 1 Discussion: How well are Vermont's Designation Programs working now?
  • How well are the Vermont State Designation Programs helping local towns, villages, cities and regions to achieve their goals and make projects happen?

  • What’s easy and clear about applying or managing designations? Where are the pain points? What is or isn't working for you?

  • What do you think about specific designations in your local communities? Do you have experience with or comments on the downtown, village center, new town center, neighborhood development area, or growth center designations?

Round 2 Discussion: How might we reform or reimagine the Designation Programs to work better for local communities?
  • What does your community or municipality most want to accomplish in the next 25 years?

  • What kinds of projects, actions or activities do you want to do? What kinds of support or help do you want the designations to provide?

  • What small changes would you most recommend? What big ideas do you have for reforms?


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