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Land Use, Smart Growth & Conservation: Where do they meet?

Virtual Conversation Thurs. August 31 on Zoom. RSVP now.

Will you miss it? Scroll down to see our discussion questions and add your thoughts in a comment below or take a survey.

How are Vermont’s downtown, village center, and other designation programs working for local communities? What’s easy, what’s hard, what’s impactful, and what could be better?

From walkable streets to affordable housing, climate resilience to historic preservation, Vermont communities have big goals for local change. Our state downtown, village center, and other designation programs are designed to help, but how well are they working? We’ll explore the local perspective on how Vermont’s designation programs are working now, and what we imagine for the future.

Designation 2050 is teaming up with the Vermont Natural Resources Council and Vermont Planners Association (VPA) to dig into these questions and more in a Virtual Conversation.


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Add your thoughts in a comment.

Round 1 Discussion: How well are Vermont's Designation Programs working now?
  • How well are the Vermont State Designation Programs helping to achieve Smart Growth and Vermont's state planning and land use goals (compact development surrounded by rural land)?

  • What are the top Smart Growth, land use and conservation needs that we see on the ground right now?

  • Where are designation programs, benefits and activities helping to support local, state and regional needs? Where are they falling short?

Round 2 Discussion: How might we reform or reimagine the Designation Programs to increase their impact on Smart Growth, planning and conservation goals?
  • What emerging needs, challenges and opportunities do we see? How do climate change, housing and growth, equity and accessibility change the landscape?

  • How might designation programs need to evolve to meet those needs? Do we need to consider new, more, or fewer designation types? Different supported activities? Different benefits, incentives, community types, or eligibility?

  • What small changes would you most recommend? What big ideas do you have for reforms?


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