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From 230 Visions to Two

What's your vision for the future of Vermont's designation programs? We asked hundreds of Vermonters to answer that questionin six words or less. We got nearly 230 six-word visions back (including a few 5- and 7-word versions from those who like to bend the rules).

We combined and analyzed them, resulting in two new visions for Vermont and the designation programs. This new vision helps to guide and shape our draft program reform recommendations.

Slide image entitled "Our Vision." Background is multicolored sticky notes with six-word visions from stakeholders, with a blue overlay. Two circles share the draft visions for Vermont and Designations.
Draft Designation 2050 visions, distilled from stakeholder input. Vermonters shared nearly 230 individual visions through Community Workshop's "six-word visions" activity.

Your "six word visions" (based on six-word stories) create a rich picture the many different visions and priorities that Vermonters have for their communities and for designation programs. But when we look at them all together, there's also a surprising amount of common ground.

What do you think? Review the full draft recommendations overview and share your comments by Monday, December 4, 2023


Want to see more six-word visions? Here's a look at some of our favorites.

  • Smart planning is required, not optional.

  • Oxford drops NIMBY from the dictionary

  • vibrant communities supported via easy button

  • Opportunity, choice & prosperity for everyone

  • black + brown people finally owning homes

  • we are land caretakers, not owners

  • larger designated growth areas for housing

  • Invest in vital, well-planned places

  • Creating & Encouraging growth & economic vitality

  • public infrastructure invests in water and sewer

  • smart growth designations with history & housing

  • Invest in healthy watersheds. Save towns.

  • Coordinated programming for holistic economic development

  • Regional collaboration ensures smart centralized growth

  • Promoted growth. Cut red-tape. Community prosperity.

  • Human scale, community conversation, locally guided

  • Supporting municipalities towards equitable land use

  • One big conversation in our region

  • Encouraging change and inviting diverse residents.

  • Simplifying distinctions, allow all housing types

  • State support for smart growth communities

  • Mode and housing choice, local voice

  • When working together everyone achieves more.

  • Locally implemented growth in organized communites

  • New plan for when growth comes

  • Resilient communities planned across town boundaries

  • Preservation of what and for whom?

  • Near future. Less restrictions. More housing.

  • Smart growth can prevent more sprawl

  • More homes cost money. Raise taxes.

  • Act 250, still sprawl, what's next

  • Nothing about us without us.

  • Infrastructure investment trumps small town politics

  • Healthy, equitable communities innovating and growing

  • Easy development of housing and commerce

  • More housing, More money, more access

  • Communities supported, vibrant places, working landscape

  • Livable, resilient, equitable communities supported and connected by totally harmonious state agency cooperation.

  • A just, sustainable future for all.

  • Center inclusion and diversity !!

  • Embrace older and historic buildings for rehabilitation instead of building new

  • Adapt, SmartGrowth, Strategic, Geodesign, Landuse? Grow!

  • Nexus of economic development, Housing, & historic preservation

  • Historic Patterns. Inclusive Investments. Generational Benefits.

  • Education over equity, WiFi, Conservation, Utilities

  • Less rural sprawl, more coming together.


Need a refresher on Designation 2050?

Designation 2050 is a statewide project to evaluate and reform Vermont's designation programs. Read more about it here. The consulting team is led by Smart Growth America, with Community Workshop.


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