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What's Your 6-Word Designation 2050 Vision?

Hundreds of Vermonters have shared their 6-Word Visions for Designation 2050 and the future of our designation programs. Have you? Be sure your vision gets included in our new program vision. Check out some of their ideas and share yours.


6-Word Designation 2050 Visions

Community Workshop is leading engagement for Designation 2050, and one of our favorite community visioning activities is the 6-word vision.

We've been asking stakeholders in this project to tell us their Designation 2050 6-word visions in survey responses, events, and conversations. We've gathered hundreds already, and we want to hear yours. Together, they will help us shape one vision and one future for Vermont's designation programs.

Curious to see what we're hearing? Here's an early snapshot. Ready to add yours?

Mosaic of 28 post-it notes of different colors, each with a 6-word vision typed on it.
Six word visions include a wide range of ideas: "growth, but make it sustainable/equitable," "Fewer Programs. More Benefits. Less Hassle." "Black + Brown people finally owning homes." "Rural places are no longer forgotten."


Where do 6-word visions come from? What do you do with them? Why 6 words?

His winning story:

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

True or not, it makes for a great tale and an even better stakeholder engagement activity.

For years, we've been asking people far and wide to tell us their 6-word stories about their communities and their 6-word visions about the future. We've now collected thousands of them over the course of many projects.

The number six is random, but it works. It's enough words to say something. It's few enough words to make you think. Individually, they paint a rich and beautiful portrait of the diverse visions that people have for their places, projects, and future. They help us share and reflect back out differing opinions and experience in short, digestible ways. They are short enough that we can include many quotes and visions word for word, honoring as many voices as possible.

When we cluster and group them together, they also help us identify common ground and key ideas that become core vision themes. For Designation 2050, early analysis of 6-word visions is already helping us to identify key themes of WHY the designation programs matter; HOW Vermont must grow and evolve; and WHAT the designation programs could be and do in the next 25 years.

The 6-word visions stakeholder engagement activity and is developed and run by Community Workshop LLC.


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